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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Running Wilde: The Junior Affair

The Junior Affair felt like a step back to me. There were less laughs and the Steve and Emmy plots veered into distractingly unbelievable stupidity. (At least with Steve this was somewhat mitigated by his being, you know, stupid, all the time.) This was also the first episode in which I was really bothered by Puddle’s narration. At times it seems like the show uses it as a big red pen, drawing circles around the jokes and then underlining them for emphasis. I get that the show is aiming, under duress, for a broader audience, but I doubt that the way to do that is to basically shout “Here, America, this is what you should be laughing at, this right here!”
When this show gets cancelled (don’t get me wrong, I still like it, but it will almost certainly get the axe before a second season) someone, somewhere has to find a way to get Peter Serafinowicz back on television. His Fa’ad is a seemingly limitless source of laughs. I loved the scenes from his self-financed all-Arabian “New York tough guy” movie. And the pay off at then end with Alan Alda’s voice reading the tough-talk was great.
One last thought: this was a pretty big waste of Andy Richter, no?

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