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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Baseball Trivia: All-Star Game

Tonight the MLB All-Star Game will be played in Phoenix. One of the big storylines going into the game is the spate of injuries and withdrawals which have left the lineups for both leagues somewhat lacking in true "star" power. (Asdrubal Cabrera! Scott Rolen! It's the All-Star Game on FOX!)

It's enough to leave one nostalgic for a time when they game seemed to matter more, even as it truly mattered less (the home-field abomination is relatively new.) For instance, forty years ago the All-Star Game was played in Tigers Stadium in Detroit. The game, which was won by the AL 6-4, is perhaps best remembered for Reggie Jackson's titanic third-inning home run, which hit a light tower on the roof. But that wasn't the extent of the contributions by true "stars". In fact, there were six home runs hit in that game, three by each league, and all of them were hit by Hall of Famers. Reggie Jackson is one, can you name the other five?

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