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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The New Girl: "Pilot"

I watched the New Girl pilot for the second time tonight, and despite my admiration for (okay, my crush on) Zooey Deschanel, I find the episode lacking. The main problem is that despite Ms. Deschanel's obvious charms, the script doesn't give us any reason to actually like her character. It's relying to heavily on Deschanel's real life appeal to draw viewers to the character. The episode itself provides no evidence of Jess's worthiness. Only her best friend character testifies on her behalf.

The three male characters are also only sketched out. There's the douchebag Schmitt, who legitimately seems irredeemable, but might still make for good comedy. Nick is a bartender struggling through his own breakup. And Coach, well, Coach won't be here next week because he'll be back on Happy Endings, so who cares if he's a too-intense athletic trainer who can't talk to women without yelling at them?

There are some good jokes in the pilot, and slight evidence that the show knows where it wants to go, but it has to let the viewers in on the plan. Otherwise, The New Girl will get old awfully quick.

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