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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Things I've Noticed About Online Dating #4: Where's the Beef?

Just about every female profile I have a high match percentage with lists herself as a vegetarian.

I ask because I honestly do not know: is it that something in my profile makes me a better match statistically with vegetarians, or is it that an alarming percentage of women either are vegetarians or feel that it benefits them to say they are.

Would it be weird for me to date a vegetarian? If we went out to eat, would it be rude to order a steak? It’d be weird if I found myself using my alone time to go grab a burger.

The cynic in me (meaning me, essentially) thinks that a lot of these women are probably aspirational vegetarians, in that they eat a lot of salads but every once in a while they probably order chicken in a restaurant and feel guilty about it afterwards. But what do I know?

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