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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Shift in Tone

According to my most loyal, and possibly only, reader, I am alienating my potential audience through the focus on movie reviews, especially since most of the movies I see are from thirty or forty years ago. (Case in point, today I got The Deer Hunter in the mail from Netflix.)

The truth is, I've gotten lazy, and the hypothetical audience I'll refer to as "you" deserve better. Now I'm not going to abandon reviews, because I think they are good practice and a way to keep my writing sharp, but I'll be reviewing a smaller portion of the movies I see. I still plan to review every book I read, but those take longer to read, effectively spacing out those posts more appropriately.

What will be taking up the rest of the site? I'm not sure exactly, but I will try to write more about my opinions on the world in general. I'm not really plugged into the news enough, so this isn't going to turn into some political site or anything like that, and I plan to stick to my promise not to indulge the inner voice that cries out, "You're more interesting than most people. Others want to hear about your feelings and the way you spend your time."

There may be another post on here later, I've got a couple things I am considering writing on but laziness so often wraps its cozy blanket around me. Later, Jose.

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  1. John,
    I read your blog when I can. You're getting pretty good. Keep going.