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Thursday, September 23, 2010

30 Rock: The Fabian Strategy

No picture because my computer is running slow.

Let's get this out of the way. Last season, 30 Rock was rarely at its best and many weeks it was only the third or even fourth-best show on NBC that night. There were still a lot of clever jokes, although more of them lacked the real punch to make you laugh out loud, but overall the season kind of devolved into a directionless, formless mess. I thought the season did end strongly with the surprise of Avery's pregnancy and the arrival of Matt Damon's Carol (although a gag in tonight's episode hints that we won't be seeing too much of him.)

Tonight's premiere was a strong debut which I will hope carries through the rest of the season. Right from the start the show was at it's rapid-fire best, with Liz's gynecologist's suicide and Jack's adversarial relationship and elk-tongue colored walls. Jenna's competence as a producer was surprising but inspired, and I was sad to see them close out that story line by the end of the episode. Jenna's character can be wearing if left to just throwing tantrums. I'd like to see them explore her character a bit more.

Is Jack Macbrayer going to be on the show every week? Is his quest to return to NBC going to be a recurring story? If so, I hope they stay away from the more absurd things they did to Kenneth last season. If I never see him braying like a donkey again I'd be okay with that.

I missed what Carol said to Liz when they did the 1-2-3 thing. Yet another reason I need DVR.

Loved Jack getting out-maneuvered by Avery, but very disappointed that we didn't see her at all. Elizabeth Banks is great in the part, and I hope she has the time to be a major part of the show.

Favorite line? I don't know, but I really liked Tracy telling Kenneth: "Of course, I'm going to need that tote bag." Also, Carol gets mad during Giants games because Geico has three different spokesmen, four if you count that Rod Steiger looking guy.

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