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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Community: Accounting for Lawyers

I've made it clear that I love Community. I think there's a real danger that I'm letting myself get too excited for new episodes, leading to a higher chance of disappointing.

With that caveat, I found a lot to quibble with in "Accounting for Lawyers" (which is a great title, for what that's worth.) Personally, I've never been one of those people, who apparently exist in droves, that finds people dancing in ethnically-inappropriate fashions hilarious. So none of the pop-and-lock scenes really did anything for me, although I did chuckle at the lederhosen-clad Poppi Longstockings.

That the dance contest was a construct designed solely to further Chang's obsession with joining the group, and highlight its scary nature, was even more disappointing. I worry about Chang too much of a presence on the show, I don't think Community needs him.

Neither of tonight's guest stars really brought it, either. Rob Corddry just wasn't as funny as the normal cast, which is annoying when he's taking valuable time away from them. His "curiosity" towards Jeff was just plain unfunny. Drew Carey wasn't given a lot to do, but his "hole in the hand" bit seemed a little too weird for this show. It was a tad too surreal.

Still, there was a lot to like too, I don't want to sound like I hated the episode. Chevy Chase is still a top-notch physical comedian, and I loved him knocking over the champagne glasses. The chloroform scene was hysterical, especially Abed's plan to convince the janitor that they had all been chloroformed. My biggest laugh probably came when Jeff first met Corddry's character: "Tango!" "Sundance! (We worked for different partners."

Maybe by next Thursday I'll have figured out how to calibrate my expectations.


  1. I also found the hole in the hand thing weird. That's more of an eccentric 30 rock type joke. And the Chang as gollum thing was funny, but it should have ended there. It's already gone too far

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