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Monday, November 22, 2010

How I Met Your Mother- "Blitzgiving"

Thoroughly enjoyed this episode, which is nice, but makes for less interesting writing, so let's do this quickly.

Even this many years into the show, the writers are still able to rewrite the characters backstory as it suits them, and do it in convincing ways. Of course we've never seen Blitz (Jorge Garcia) before: he was always gone when the good stuff happened! This is a somewhat hackneyed joke, but I think HIMYM put their own spin on it, with the Blitz nickname and the idea that the curse could be transferred.

Only Ted would think to stuff a turkey with a turkey. And only Ted would be presumptuous enough to say "home" to a New York cabbie. (Also loved the gag where Barney's cabbie is the first to realize the Blitz implications of ditching the group for a separate ride.)

Maybe I'm blinded by the fact that I find her supremely attractive, but I think Jennifer Morrison is killing it on this show. Loved the back and forth with Ted and how well she fit in with the group.

Ted's furious with his friends for hanging out with Zoe, but saves his harshest anger for Lilly, for whom he hated Renee Zellwegger for years before Lilly figured out she actually meant to hate Reese Witherspoon.

Nice job by Garcia as the cursed Blitz. He played both the downbeats and up moments very well. His "Aw, man!" was much more convincing than Ted's or Barney's.

Still not sure what this Ted-Zoe arc is going to do mother-wise, but it diverting and fun, so I'm not sure I care all that much. People do realize that this show is over once he meets the mother, right?

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