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Friday, November 26, 2010

Modern Family- "Mother Tucker"

All in all a rather slight episode of Modern Family this week. Very low-key, no real interconnection between the three branches of the clan. (The one instance of mix-and-matching provided one of the comedic higlights: Claire demonstrating Mitchell's boundary issues by moving closer and closer to him.) I would not be surprised to hear that this episode was moved into this slot, since viewership was likely down to the heavy travel day/people going out and awkwardly running into their high school classmates.

Still, Modern Family almost can't help being funny, and there were still enough laughs to make "Mother Tucker" an enjoyable exerices. Phil was probably the star player tonight (witness his excellent physical comedy in continuing his phone call while taking off his girlish sweater) but the show gets a lot of mileage out of an angry Hayley. Really enjoyed the parents taking different sides, as Phil has bonded with Dylan and Claire wants her daughter dating her science tutor. Alex only had a couple of lines but killed it with the "So dumb guys go for dumb girls AND smart guys go for dumb girls?" line.

The other two storylines were kinda small in comparison. I had higher expectations for Cameron's mother, but I felt that the show didn't really do anything all that interesting with her character. The Jay and Gloria story worked a lot better. Gloria's skepticism of illness was hilarious and perfectly in character, as was Manny's overreliance on WebMD. Their hysterics when Jay turns out to have appendicitis were well done, especially Manny telling Jay that the surgery usually isn't the problem, but the anesthesia is what usually gets you. ("You're over 60, right?" he asks.)

The sentimental capper that the show seems committed to was more affecting than most. It was nice to see Phil come through for Hayley after he worsened the situation by hanging out with Dylan.

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