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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Modern Family- "Caught in the Act"

There were a lot of sins committed in “Caught in the Act” none of which occurred in the Dunphy marital bed. (The Dunphys do not live in Alabama.) No, we are talking here of sins of un-originality. An “oh no I didn’t mean to send that e-mail but I totally did” plot? A couple trying to hide a stain? Wacky misunderstandings leading to innocuous dialogue being mistaken for sexual innuendo? Not a lot of new ground being plowed here. (Sexual innuendo intended.)

Still, it’s all done with a certain panache that carries the day. The show often tries to combine sweet and funny, but it is not often as successful as it was in the scene where the three Dunphy children together come to the realization that it’s a good thing their parents love each other enough to still have sex. Still gross, though, as their horror in the cap whenever the new, loud bedroom lock goes off shows.

The Dunphy family is generally solid ground for comedy, but the other two branches are showing signs of wear and tear. It seems like the writers are straining to find new “old man with hot wife” jokes and Cameron and Mitchell seem relegated to thrown-in rehashes of I Love Lucy plots. I think these two branches may work better when mixed-in with the rest of the family. On their own their weaknesses shine through too much.

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