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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


That's WTF as in Win The Future, the nascent buzz-phrase emerging from last night's State of the Union, which, as someone who feels no need to validate his citizenship through meaningless aural torture, I did not watch. Nor have I made any particular effort to acquaint myself with the proposals, promises, pledges, or concessions to circumstance that our Commander in Chief might have uttered last night. I say this not to brag, I have never taken any particular pride in either ignorance or stubbornness, but to explain why this post will be so light on substance.

With that caveat out of the way, let me just say this and move on. Win the Future? Really, that's what you're going with? Does this echo the Ford "Whip Inflation Now (WIN)" campaign? Are we going to start seeing little buttons with WTF printed on them on the President's lapel? More importantly, wouldn't the energies of the people who presumably spent time crafting and focus-testing this trite little boosterism have been better spent, I don't know, doing anything else?

Rant over, state of apathy reassumed, you may no go back to your daily routine. Sorry for the interruption.

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