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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Look, I'm no saint, and I get that it is of general interest that the star of the most-watched sitcom on TV is in a tailspin entailing intoxicants and adult film stars, but Enough Already!

No matter how big of an asshole Charlie Sheen may be, and I'm certainly willing to believe he is a big one, this has passed outside the realm of amusement. The delight that this one man's breakdown is causing is sickening in its extent. Is there no limit? What are people going to do if Sheen dies? For make no mistake, that possibility is certainly in play. This is a dangerous situation. Sheen is an addict who has been a high-functioning addict for years. He has been enabled probably his whole life, and he is delusional enough to think that all the attention he is getting right now is a sign of the righteousness of his cause.

Thankfully there is at least one person with a visible platform who has come to his senses. Craig Ferguson, of CBS, stated the other night that he will not joke about Sheen and his situation any longer. He said the situation reminded him of the infamous Bedlam Hospital, where gawkers would pay money to mock the helpless lunatics. It's an apt comparision.

So please, stop retweeting his inane ramblings, stop turning his statements into catchphrases and memes, bottom line, stop giving this guy what he wants and ignore him until and unless he gets the help he so evidently needs.

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