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Saturday, January 17, 2009

30 Rock

I'm a little worried about 30 Rock. I don't mean to sound like a Pitchfork reader, but I think success has gotten to them a little bit. They don't know how to handle this success and it's hurting the show. They're like the kinda cute girl that few people notice until all of a sudden everyone notices (oddly like Tina Fey in that regard) and then they stop hanging out with all their old friends (where the hell are Two-Fer and Frank and the rest of the writers?) and surround themselves with the cool kids (okay, Steve Martin and Oprah were awesome but Jennifer Anniston?) and then they tell off all their old friends at an awards ceremony. Okay that last one is just 30 Rock.

Salma Hayek maybe the worst guest star yet. Her character is pretty lifeless and doesn't deliver her lines crisply at all. I don't mean this as insensitive, but I don't understand half the things she says. (Which is especially odd, because I've never had that problem with her in other parts, so I think that's something she's doing for this role.)

Tracy's not the same either. His line about his flu shot being truth serum in this past episode didn't really hit home. Alec Baldwin's topical humor is getting more and more strained too. (A Huffington Post joke, really?)

Anyway, flame anyway, tell me I'm overreacting, but like Goldwater, in you're heart you know I'm right.

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