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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Things I'm Not a Fan Of

Here's a list of things I'm not a fan of:

Blog Titles Ending in a Preposition (Haha, just kidding. Irony!)

Two-Day Facebook Outages

That Hair-Color Commercial Where The Daughters Tell Their Father He Should Dye His Hair to Meet Their New Mommy
-Seriously, that's just inappropriate.

Notre Dame Basketball's Suspiciously High Rating
-Even at 19, that's way too high. This season is a disappointment so far. Our Out-of-Conference SOS is atrocious, and we can't seem to win away from home. I get the feeling that ND is going to become the highest rated team to be left out of the tournament entirely. I'm used to the football team being drastically overrated in the preseason, but not basketball.

Television Network Executives
-This is the biggie. At the start of the TV season there were six shows I wanted to watch, Conveniently, these shows managed to take up an hour each night Monday-Thursday. But since then, my Wednesday night show (Pushing Daisies) has been canceled, and now, because of American Idol, FOX has moved House to Mondays at 8. I already watch Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother from 8-9 on Mondays. And yeah, I know, I should get a DVR or watch the shows on-line, but it's just not the same.

Anyway, this means that every Monday I know have to make a choice. And that every Tuesday night, I know have nothing to watch. (I am not watching American Idol.)

Tonight, I chose House, because it had been a while since the last new episode. Normally, I don't mind the unlikely, incredibly bizarre medical scenarios, because the premise is that's he's a last resort type of doctor. Also, the characters are so interesting in the way they interact. But tonight's episode was kind of a disappointment. The set-up (a man in constant pain who takes even more pills and is even sadder than House) was all there for a fantastic and emotionally devastating conclusion, but no, they took the safe route and had House provide the usual magic (and unintelligible) diagnosis just under the wire. It bothers me continually that they don't even bother anymore with more detailed explanations of the actual medical reasons. Even though I too treat them as secondary concerns, they are ostensibly the basis of the show.

There were some interesting revelations about Thirteen and Foreman, but I thought that the Taub-Kutner back and forth fell a little flat. House's ratings have been down, and I think these two are probably the main culprit. They're just not all that interesting, and they don't really play well with the other characters.

I am heartened to see that Dr. Cameron is going to be taking a more active role in the series. I've been shocked that they would basically keep her and Chase on the bench this long. I was upset that there was so little of Wilson in this episode. He basically only served as a Deus Ex Pedant to Cuddy in one small scene. Maybe I should have been watching CBS.

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