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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Another Facebook Meme

A professor of mine once insisted that my generation was obsessed with the word "random." He claimed that we used the word exponentially more than his generation and he was at a loss to explain why. I shrugged it off at the time but in the years since I've come to notice this habit myself. Now it seems facebook is lending significant credence to his hypothesis. First there was the 25 random things meme, and now everyone's just letting their ITunes pick 20 songs, for which they write the first lines in a note and see if collectively their friends can guess all 20 songs.

Well, I like trivia in all it's varieties and I guess this counts as well, and I'd certainly like to see if any of my friends have eerily similar music collections, so I caved in to this meme rather more easily than the last one. Here's the 20 songs (note: I cheated a little bit, skipping songs that came up on my shuffle either because I didn't particularly like, or because the first line was the same as the song title, or because they were instrumentals.)

1. Now that your picture’s in the paper being rhythmically admired
2. Mother Mother Ocean, I have heard you call
3. I’m glad to see you I had a funny dream and you were wearing funny shoes
4. I’m your only friend I’m not your only friend
5. Mott the Hoople and the game of life, yeah yeah yeah yeah
6. When the sun beats down and melts the tar up on the roof
7. Won’t you look up at the skyline at the mortar block and glass
8. Someone told me it’s all happening at the zoo
9. I have finally found a way to live just like I never could before
10. When I wake up early in the morning, lift my head I’m still yawning
11. I don’t mind other guys dancing with my girl
12. People say I’m the life of the party cause I tell a joke or two
13. She gets too hungry for dinner at eight
14. Clouds so swift the rain’s pouring in, gonna see a movie called Gunga Din
15. Early one morning while making the rounds I took a shot of cocaine and I shot my woman down
16. Stuck inside these four walls, sent inside forever
17. This summer I went swimming, this summer I almost drowned
18. It’s not as if New York City burned down to the ground once you drove away
19. I once had a girl, or should I say, she once had me
20. I know you want to leave me, but I refuse to let you go

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