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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Thirteen Show

I know I promised to reserve judgment and avoid sweeping statements about the television programs I watch, but I have to say this about House: I really miss Cameron and Chase. Neither of them was in last night's episode for even a second of screen time, because we were presented with two patients last night, an utterly unlikeable and pedantic former cancer researcher, and the new star of the show, Thirteen.

Last night also featured Cuddy acting abominably toward House, in retribution for her having to be at work due to his difficult nature. I didn't mind this as much as some people seemed to, although I agree that the trip wire was too far. On a side note, maybe this is because they are trying to make her look like a frazzled new mother, but something is seriously wrong with Cuddy's hair. You know it's bad when I notice.

Last night's medical solution (for the guest patient) was actually quite interesting, although a little fudged according to Polite Dissent. It also led to a great line by House, which was much appreciated because...

This was supposed to be the 100th episode of House, and yet again he got less lines and screen time so we could all be forced to pretend to care about the medical maladies of Thirteen and her utterly contrived and unlikely relationship with Steelers coach Mike Tomlin. Where was the conversation between dour House and life-affirming patient of the week? Why was this patient allowed to pontificate without retribution? Answer: because they ran out of time.

I'll admit I was excited about the angle they were taking on the Thirteen storyline. Her getting sick due to Foreman's malfeasance intrigued me. But the writers did something they've become alarmingly fond of: they brushed it aside in a matter of minutes. I don't understand what they are thinking when they constantly introduce and then discard plotlines and developments that could take the show in all sorts of interesting new directions. Why not let Cameron and House interact a little more? Is there anyone out there who would object to seeing more Jennifer Morrison? Why does Thirteen's tumor and resulting blindness just go away? And how can they justify Foreman getting to keep his license without at least dragging the tension out on that one?

They tried to do a little bit of development with Wilson moving on a little with help from the all-knowing patient and Taub and his wife discussing children, and I appreciate the effort, if not the execution. Kutner is coming along nicely as the guy who stands up to House. Maybe now that Thirteen is out of the drug trial we can deal with them, although from the preview of next week's episode (oh no, Foreman and Thirteen are fighting!) it doesn't look likely.

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