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Friday, February 6, 2009

Recommendation: Five Guys Famous Burgers

I'm in D.C. for a job interview, so I now I probably shouldn't be blogging, but I had to come on here to tell you all about what I had for dinner. You can probably guess by the picture, I had a cheeseburger and some fries at Five Guys Famous Burgers. This is a chain I've heard about from people in other areas of the country, but I'd never come across one either in Jersey or Chicago, so I made a note when I passed one on the way to my hotel to give it a try.

(D.C. is apparently where this chain got it's start, and a sign on the wall showed that Five Guys had won best area burger every year since 1999.)

Now, I lack two things every food-critic needs, pretension and a thesaurus book-marked to the page for delicious, so I'm calling this a recommendation as opposed to a review. But you should really give these guys a try. The burgers are large, rather greasy, and almost certainly eating one took a month off my life. The fries are crisp, well-seasoned and abundant. (Even though I enjoyed them immensely, I was unable to finish.)

Basically, to sum up my thoughts on Five Guys: You know how fast-food burgers are pretty much all the same, but sometimes when you go to like a roadside diner the burger is pretty good, it's misshapen so you know it's not some form-fitted frozen patty, and it actually seems like someone cared whether or not you liked the burger? Five Guys is that concept perfected and brought to the masses.

I give it 9.8 out of 10 (the price was a little higher than I'm used to.)

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