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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

One of the Dumbest Things I've Ever Done

Last night, in something I will never live down, I folded a full house. As in, I had three of a kind plus another pair, but folded when my opponent raised. The reason? Because I forgot that there was a full house possibility.

I had a pair of 3s as my initial two cards, and a pair of Jacks came out on the flop. Then I hit a third 3 on the turn, but after a huge raise I knew my opponent had a set of Jacks. Stupidly, I only thought of myself as having a set of 3s and not the full house, so I folded to what I thought was a better set. The bigger mistake may have been telling everyone what I had folded, because they caught what I had missed and made fun of me pretty mercilessly for it, which I undoubtedly deserved.

As you probably figured out already, I lost my $5 buy-in last night.

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